Membership Application

If you would like to be a member of the Rotary Club of Burien/White Center, please read the following application, and contact the club President for more information.

Burien White Center Rotary General Membership

Key Elements:

  • Application: The standard application for club membership is completed by the individual seeking membership in the Rotary Club of Burien White Center.
  • Flexibility. The person who has applied for membership as an individual has access to other clubs for visitations and make-ups.

Associated Costs:

  • Burien White Center Rotary Membership

o   Fee: $200 annual dues. Paid in July (Adjusted based on date of membership)

o   Meals: $16/week for lunch. Optional is a punch card paying for 10 meals ahead then having the lunch marked off each time you attend.

o   Gifting goal: $200 annual donation to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. Payment can be in July/August or spread out from July to April.

Again, we are here to answer your questions, and encourage you to join us in attending a few club luncheon meetings as our guest. This is your opportunity to determine if our Rotary Club is a good fit. We think it will be.


Burien White Center Rotary At a Glance

Thank you for considering membership in the Rotary Club of Burien White Center. The following information will give you a glance at the past as well as the future of our Rotary Club.

The Organization

  • The Rotary Club of Burien White Center ( is part of Rotary International (, a worldwide service organization headquartered in Chicago. Rotary International has over 32,000 clubs and 1.2 million members in nearly 100 countries and geographic locations. The Rotary Club of Burien White Center is part of the local Rotary District 5030 (, which includes 54 clubs within a 20-mile radius of Seattle.
  • Founded in 1954, The Rotary Club of Burien White Center is a mid-sized club with thirty (30) active members. It was the one hundred thirteenth (113th) club to be founded.   Burien White Center Rotary members champion the ideal of service as the core value of Rotary International. The membership has contributed consistently to the communities in the White Center and Burien regions.
  • Over the years, Burien White Center Rotarians have helped fund projects for the Matt Griffin YMCA in SeaTac, supported both the Highline and White Center Food Banks financially and through work parties, honored Students of the Month from two local public high schools and one private high school, offered annual competitive scholarships to worthy high school seniors, awarded annual funds allocation grants to local service groups and much more. The community service work of Burien White Center Rotary is done through direct membership involvement. The financial support for these projects comes from annual fund raisers such as a golf tournament and an auction. In addition, many Rotarians or community individuals make personal contributions to support the work of the club.
  • Its Members are professional men and women who serve to improve the quality of life in their community and around the world. Club membership represents a cross-section of local business and professional leaders of all ages.  Recently, our club membership has successfully focused on increasing the number of younger members who have a passion for service to their community.
  • Members meet weekly (every Thursday from noon to 1:30 p.m.) at Angelo’s Restaurant in downtown Burien to discuss current events, network with their peers, listen to dynamic and interesting community leaders and learn more about local and International events involving Rotary.
  • The Rotary Motto: Service Above Self

The main objective of Rotary is service to others in need – in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. In keeping with this tradition, Burien White Center Rotarians build goodwill and peace, provide humanitarian service, and demonstrate high ethical standards in all vocations.


It takes approximately one to two weeks to process New Member Applications

  1. Membership applications are available from the club membership chair, at weekly meetings, and online at in JOIN! Section
  2. Once you indicate an interest in joining our club, you will be assigned a sponsor. The sponsor fills out the Proposer’s Responsibility Form and reviews the proposed member’s Application for full and legible completion and signatures, including a current resume, and then submits all paperwork to the Membership Chair.
  3. The Membership Chair submits the application and reference report to the Club President for review and approval.
  4. Once this is complete, the new member is inducted by the Membership Chair and the new member sponsor. The new member receives a packet of information regarding expectations as a member. This may include a President’s Welcome Letter, an invoice for membership fee, and expectations for the new member to: begin regular attendance immediately, and to be contacted by their sponsor for a personal orientation.
  5. Questions can always be directed to your sponsor.

                                    Application for Burien White Center Rotary

                                             Business/Professional Membership


I propose the following Candidate to the Membership Committee and the Board:

Print FULL Name of Candidate:

I believe this candidate to be:

1) fully informed of the requirements of Rotary membership,

2) associated with a firm regarded as ethical, and

3) of a position that enables the candidate to exercise decisive influence over their business or firm. Once approved for membership we/I will accompany her/him to the first several Rotary luncheons and provide ongoing new member support.

PROPOSER/SPONSORI propose this nomination, I have known the candidate for  ________ months/years.My acquaintance with the candidate has been of a _________ nature.

(Social or Business)




(Print Name)



IMPORTANT! Proposer must review and sign this application upon Candidate’s completion of the following information below. Return this Application with Candidate’s Resume, and the Proposer’s Responsibility Form to Membership Chair, Burien White Center Rotary. (Barbara Maurer or Chuck Ropel)    

PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION: Candidate must personally complete the application & provide a Resume. As a member, some of this information will be included in our Club Roster

Name in full:   _____________________________________________________________

The call name desired on your badge (i.e., “Bob” rather than Robert):   _______________________

Business or Organization: ______________________________

Position:   _________________________________________

Business Address: ___________________________________

City: ________________________________________ ZIP   _______

Phone:_______________________  Cell: ________________________________

Email  __________________________________________________________

Business or Professional function:  ____________________________________

Describe your role in the business or organization:   ___________________________________________________________

Location of the main office of your company:_____________

Years in present company?______________

Previous two positions prior to present occupation:

Dates & Positions                                   Name of Business/Organization                Location

1.  _________________      ____________________________   _______________

2. ________________        ____________________________     _______________



Home Address: _______________________________________________

City: _________________________________________ ZIP   ________

Home Phone: _______________________________

Home Email: ______________________________________________________

Month, Day, Year of Birth: __________________  Place of Birth: _________________

Married:    Spouse/Partner Name: ____________________________

# of Children: ___________             # of Grandchildren _____

School(s) Attended:    ________________________________________________________________

Hobbies or special interests:   _________________________________________________________

Years in Seattle: ___________

Other Cities/States/Countries   __________________________________


List community service (church, school, scouts, etc.) organizations you belong(ed) to including dates, location and offices held:



List other Rotary clubs, location, dates of membership, committees served and offices held:



FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS – All of these are required of membership

Annual dues fee will be billed at induction- this will be pro-rated if membership is mid-year. Suggested contribution to Rotary International Foundation is announced in the Fall. This can be a one time payment or monthly contribution. The District goal is “Every Rotarian. Every Year”

Corporate Member:
Dues $200 annually, July 1 through June 30

Lunch $15 per week

Meal Plan Option: $150 punch card for 10 meals

RI Foundation  $200 recommended (monthly draw can be arranged 


Nominee will be expected to serve on a committee of the club, attend its meetings and engage in its activities. The Sponsor can assist with committee selection and assignment.

The tradition of Burien White Center Rotary is that its members willingly respond to requests for Rotary service – unless there are compelling reasons why they cannot do so.


60% attendance is acceptable by Rotary International standards, although the attendance goal for Burien White Center is 80%; the nominee will endeavor to meet or exceed this objective. Nominee will be expected to make up attendance at another Rotary club or on -line 14 days before or 14 days after any meeting missed. Committee meetings, fellowship events and community service activities also count for attendance credit.


A professional business photo will be taken by our club photographer for inclusion in the membership directory

Application Completion/Submission:

The undersigned Proposer/Sponsor and Candidate have read and understand the application, especially the membership guidelines and expectations. Once the application is completed and reviewed, the Candidate will be invited to membership. This process may take a week or more and candidates are invited to attend weekly meetings during that time. (Lunch cost of $15 will apply)


Proposer/Sponsor __________________________________ Date: ______________

Candidate________________________________________ Date: ______________